Deliveries are executed by courier (Geniki Taxydromiki  S.A. ) at the seller’s choice.

For orders over 10 kg, deliveries are carried out with a transport company after consultation with the store.

If you have placed an order by registering, you will receive an update in your mail on the day of the dispatch of your order with all the shipping details as well as the shipping id(voucher)of the package so that you can see where your shipment is located(tracking)at any time.

Deliveries take place throughout the day from 09:00 to 18:00.

Pick-up from the store

In all our products there is the possibility of receipt from the store for free.

Note: Please come to the store as soon as we inform you that your order is ready.

Shipping Costs

For shipment to land destinations of the Geniki Taxydromiki S.A. network, with delivery on the next working day, the charge is 4,00€ up to 2 kg of weight. For every extra kilo, the charge is 1.10€. (For some combinations of mission city – city of delivery the time can be extended to 2 working days).

For shipment to island destinations of the Geniki Taxydydiki S.A. network, with delivery within 2 working days, the charge is 4,00€ up to 2 kg of weight. For every extra kilo, the charge is 1.24€.

In case you choose the payment method, this cash on delivery has a charge of 1,50 €.

Free Shipping

For orders over 49.90€ shipping is free for packages up to 2kg. If the package exceeds 2 kilos, then there is an extra charge.

Shipping to Cyprus

For shipping with delivery within 2 working days, the charge is 18.60€ up to 2 kg of weight. For every extra kilo, the charge is 5.58€. For shipments from Attica there is the possibility of delivery in 1 working day.

The above charges also concern inaccessible destinations (with delivery in 2-4 working days).

Order Delay

Any delay in your order may be due to one of the following reasons:

– The supplier was late in sending the product. In order to offer you variety and competitive prices we order our products from a large list of suppliers, Greek and foreign. It happens, however, many times that an order is delayed at customs or in its transportation. In such cases we contact you and ask you if you want to deliver the order without the specific product or by replacing it with another one. We will send this item to you immediately after receiving it in our warehouses.

– The product you have ordered has already been removed and is not available. In the products available through our online store, many times there is the phenomenon of a supplier announcing unannounced that he is removing some products. And in this case a person of our company will contact you in order to give you alternative solutions.

– When extreme weather events or strikes occur and generally in cases of force majeure that affect the smooth transportation and delivery.

– During peak periods (e.g.  Christmas, Easter, Halloween).

– Finally, in any case where it is not possible to contact you (by phone or by e-mail) to address any problems, regarding your order or its payment. For example, when your information you have entered is not properly updated.

The above charges include 24% VAT.

In case of incorrect estimation of the automated cost, the company EMMANOUILIDOU BOOKSTORE will inform you about the CORRECT transport cost in order to proceed or cancel your order.